1 Preface

Data analyses related to “Video game play is positively correlated with well-being” (Johannes, Vuorre, Przybylski, in prep)

Preprint: https://psyarxiv.com/qrjza/

1.1 Raw data

The raw data are in zip compressed files at https://osf.io/fev95/. Those files were minimally processed to e.g. remove test survey sessions, as described in the following sections.

1.2 Analyses and reproducibility

The data analyses are organized into separate R Markdown files for processing, describing, and modelling. The source code is on GitHub: https://github.com/digital-wellbeing/gametime. Those source files are organized as a R bookdown project, whose results are at https://digital-wellbeing.github.io/gametime.

To reproduce our analyses, download the source files and build the book (e.g. in RStudio click the “Build Book” button). The results are rendered to docs/index.html and can be viewed in a web browser.